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Channel Vista & Sol Vista

Thank you for your interest in the Channel Vista and Sol Vista communities at California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI) by Comstock Homes. In preparation for upcoming releases we are arranging the interest list in order of priority according to the categories determined by the University Site Authority.

Category 1:
Not applicable.
Category 2:
Tenured and tenure-track faculty and CSUCI Management Level III personnel or Management Level IV personnel.
Category 3:
Full-time staff of CSUCI and full-time employees of a CSUCI auxiliary.
Category 4:
Part-time employees (excluding intermittent and per diem employees) of CSUCI and part-time employees of a CSUCI auxiliary. Employees of Educational Allies, Educational Partners and officers of Military Partners are covered by an agreement between such entities and CI that provides eligibility under this category. Eligible staff of CSUCI must be permanent or probationary. Temporary staff of CSUCI are excluded.
Category 5:
Tenured and tenure-track faculty and full-time staff of any other CSU campus.
Category 6:
Graduates from any CSU campus.
Category 7:
Members of the general public, including temporary, intermittent and per diem staff of CSUCI.

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Once we have received your information, you will be notified of any home buying opportunities based on your priority standing.

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